Investment Loss Recovery

 If you have lost money on an investment, you may have a claim againt your stock broker which sold you the investment or the directors & officers of the enitity in which you invested. 

  • Fraud – an outright fraudulent act may have been the reason that you suffered an investment loss. This might mean that the broker or corporation misrepresented the investment by omitting material information, or making misrepresentations that prohibited you from accurate investing. 
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty - c ertain financial professionals and control persons of a company, owe a fiduciary duty to you. This means they must legally put your interests above their own. If they fail to do so, they may be personally liable for the loss of your investment
  • Unsuitable Investments – recommending or suggesting investments to you that are not appropriate for your particular situation. This might mean pushing you into an investment that is not suitable based on your age, income, investment amount, investment goals, investment experience,  and/or ability to tolerate the risk.
  • Churning – Ecessive or unsuitable trading in your account by your broker for the sole purpose of generating a larger comm
  • Unauthorized Trading – trading investments without the permission, consent or knowledge of the investor ultimately causing you to lose money unwillingly. ission for the broker.
  • High Pressure Sales - ppressuring you into an "investment" that was not suitable for you, but generated commissions for the broker and brokerage firm.​
  • Outright Theft or Forgery – y our broker steals or misapproriates money from your investment account.

    If you have lost money on an investment, you may be able to revocery losses through Court or  FINRA Arbitration.  Call our office today for a free inital consulation. 

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